Whiskey Off Road 2020

Although Whiskey Off-Road 2020 has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19, we want to thank them for still making this donation to Yavapai County Food Bank for our community.

How to Donate Safely

We also have a drop-box outside our gates to donate food in so you do not have to come into contact with anyone. Thank you all for your support; many families depend on our community for help.

2019 Burning Desire

This is an important time of year when we really count on the community for food donations. Not only for Christmas, but any food donated during this time helps us through the winter months until May when we have the Postal Drive. So PLEASE if you can give, do so and get the TAX CREDIT NOW and help our community ...

2019 Harvest For The Hungry

We need your help to stock our shelves for those going through hard times during the holidays. We thank you for your support & help!

2019 DOGtoberfest

MARK YOUR CALENDARS &  DON’T MISS THIS AWESOME EVENT Sunday, October 6th from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Games, contests and fun activities for the whole family. Join Pets Return Home at the 2019 DOGtoberfest in Prescott, AZ! Come meet your potential new best friend. All of our animals are last chance dogs or puppies, rescued from all sorts of …